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We've been fixing commercial built-up and metal roofs in Hollywood, FL for 15 years. We are on standby to make your property look like new. Licensed, bonded and insured.

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Excellent work on our plaza. I wish all contractors that we worked with been this reliable. The price was fair. Left no mess. No roof issues whatsoever.

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"Hollywood Elite Roofing is one of the best roofing contractors in the City of Hollywood, FL"

We've been installing roofs on commercial properties for 15 years (shopping centers, condos, condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels, retail stores).

We are fully licensed, state certified, bonded and insured.

We know the commercial building codes in Hollywood, FL.

The quality of our work allows us to offer the top warranties around.

We can install any kind of commercial roofing: flat roof built-up (BUR), modified bitumen (Mod Bit), rubber membrane (EPDM), Thermoplastic Polyolefin single-ply (TPO) roofing, metal roofing, tile roofing, or shingle roofing.

We install roofs with hurricanes in mind and massive downpours in mind.

We use roofing materials rated for intense Florida heat, UV index, and sea salt exposure.

We waterproof your roof with the latest tech. Options: PVC membrane, Sealoflex Roof System, Carlisle SynTec, TPO.

We'll leave your construction site as clean as the day we started.

We proudly serve Hollywood, FL, and all the neighboring South Florida communities:

Fort Lauderdale • Dania Beach • Pembroke Pines • Miramar • Hallandale Beach • Aventura • Davie • Plantation • North Miami Beach • Miami Gardens • Opa Locka • Hialeah • Broward • Miami Dade


City of Hollywood, FL - our little paradise

A hurricane went over the City of Hollywood 71 times in the last 144 years. Your roof is either prepared or not.

Top reasons to get your roof done with us

1 We have 15 years of experience installing and repairing roofs.

2 You'll find our prices to be very fair

3 We use the best brand materials available

4 We value your time and understand the inconvenience that replacing a roof might cause. We start as quick as we can, and we get the job done.

5 We give you the best warranty in the industry for our workmanship.

6 We clean up after ourselves after each work day.

7 We are local to Hollywood FL and know the city ordinances.

Re-roof or tear-off

This is the very first question that must be answered. Doing a tear-off means that the roof will be stripped to the bone.

But if there are not too many old layers on your roof, it is definitely much safer to leave the old layers in place.

Almost every building code allows for at least two roofing layers.

We will always recommend against a complete tear off. The roof job will turn out much cheaper for you, there are way fewer moving parts, which means less risk for everyone involved. Most importantly - your property will not be exposed to the elements. If it starts to rain - we just take a break, and then resume. And most importantly, you will get the same warranty either way.

Now, a few things must be in order for us to recommend a reroof without a tear-off. But to know them, one of my guys needs to walk the roof and do a thorough inspection. Get in touch and we'll take a look at your roof as soon as possible.

What should I look for when hiring a roofing contractor?

Installing a roof is a major undertaking. Make sure to do your due diligence when choosing your contractor.

Make sure that they are insured and licensed.

Ask about the warranty specific to the roofing material that you chose. There are two warranties to look for: labor warranty and material warranty.

Make sure that the building materials that you choose are in sufficient stock.

Do talk the timeline and check the weather. One Florida shower is all you need to soak a house without a roof.

Make sure that the area around the house will be protected, and that trash removal and clean up will be taken care of.

A rough estimate over the phone is ok. But make sure that your roofer comes out in person to inspect your site before giving you a project price.

Make sure that you are getting a quality waterproofing barrier for your roof with the installation.

Make sure that the roof will be reinforced with starter strip shingles/tiles is the first line of defense against a hurricane (if the first row of the roofing material peels, the whole roof goes).

It also goes without saying, but don't look for the lowest quote that you can find. Issues stemming from a poor job are never worth a bit of money saved.

Is a permit required before starting a roof job?

Yes. We'll pull all the required permits. Here are the sites for your reference: Broward; Miami-Dade. Some exceptions: roof painting, gutter installation, installation of soffit and fascia.

How does the roof warranty work?

The job is done, the crew has cleaned up and left, and the newly installed roof is beautiful. Now that the job is complete, it is important to know what warranties apply to your new roof.

At Hollywood Elite Roofing, we stand behind our work. We pledge to give our customers a quality roof that is installed correctly and will perform as expected for the duration of its life. This does not mean that the roof may not need regular maintenance throughout its usable life. Just like a car needs a tune-up, oil change or inspection, your roof needs regular maintenance and upkeep to maximize its lifespan.

Once the job is complete, we will issue you a warranty package for the roof, which includes the material and workmanship warranties.

The workmanship warranty states that from the date of installation for a set number of years, (typically 10 years), there will not be any leaks caused by the original application errors of any approved roofing materials provided and installed by our company. We will repair, at no cost to the customer, any leaks which are deemed to be caused by our workmanship.

The warranty is limited to roof repairs only and does not cover any damages to the property that are caused by acts of God. This means that forces such as tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, lightning, earthquakes and the like that are outside of Hollywood Elite Roofing’s control are not covered.

Material failure is another issue that is not covered under the workmanship warranty, although it IS covered by the manufacturer’s warranty that is delivered within the closing package.

This is just an overview of how all the warranty pieces come together. Please speak to us for additional details.

What is the difference between BUR, Mod Bit, and EPDM flat roof materials?

Built-up Roof (BUR) aka Tar and Gravel.

Built from multiple layers of bitumen and reinforced fabrics.

Each layer is alternated with hot tar and ballasted with stone/gravel/grains.

Newer versions use advanced materials such as fiber glass.

Cheaper than other roofing options.

Fire resistant.

Single Ply Membranes (including PVC and TPO)

You can read a comparison of different thermoplastic membranes  on this page.

Modified Bitumen/MB/Mod Bit

Has a mineral based surface similar to asphalt shingles.

Installed by heating the underside.

Very quick installation.

Good price for its function.

Energy efficient due to its reflective surface.

More info on MB roofing is here.

Rubber membrane (EPDM)

Similar to rubber used in tire tubes.

Installed using fasteners, glue, or may be ballasted in place.

Resists scratches best among the three.

Leaks can be easily patched.

Becoming less common.

More info on EPDM rubber roofs is here.


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