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Ah, the time has come. It's alright. It happens to the best of roofs. Let us take care of re-roofing your property. We've been doing re-roofs in Hollywood, FL for 15 years. We'll make your property look like new. We work on commercial and residential properties. Licensed, bonded and insured.

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"Hollywood Elite Roofing is one of the best roofing contractors in the City of Hollywood, FL"


The price was fair. Materials were the best in class (I’m a construction superintendent by profession, so I know quite a bit about the subject). The work started right away after the permit was obtained. Trash got hauled away the same day, each day. I spoke with 5 other companies beforehand, but I’m sure glad I went with Hollywood Elite Roofing. Highly recommended!

We proudly serve Hollywood, FL, and all the neighboring South Florida communities:

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City of Hollywood, FL - our little paradise

A hurricane went over the City of Hollywood 71 times in the last 144 years. Your roof is either prepared or not.


Wow, you guys did an outstanding job reroofing my house. The house looks better than we have imagined. The crew took such a good care cleaning up after themselves. And no one could believe how quickly everything got completed. John was super easy to work with – super up front and honest about everything. Will eagerly recommend Hollywood Elite Roofing to anyone looking for a true professional service.

Top reasons to get your roof done with us

1 We have 15 years of experience installing and repairing roofs.

2 You'll find our prices to be very fair

3 We use the best brand materials available

4 We value your time and understand the inconvenience that replacing a roof might cause. We start as quick as we can, and we get the job done.

5 We give you the best warranty in the industry for our workmanship.

6 We clean up after ourselves after each work day.

7 We are local to Hollywood FL and know the city ordinances.

Reroofing is project not to be taken lightly. It is often more involved than installing a roof on a brand new home.

We can help you explore your options to see if repair of your roof is possible and financially sound, or if roof replacement is really the only option.

If it is, you are in good hands because we've been replacing roofs for 15 years.

We are fully licensed, state certified, bonded and insured.

We know the latest building codes in Hollywood, FL.

The quality of our work allows us to offer the top warranties around.

If reroofing is in order, you may take this opportunity to drastically change the look of your property. As general contractors, we can change the shape of your roof, and install any kind of material that you desire - asphalt shingles, fiberglass shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, terracotta tile, organic tile, slate, metal, faux-tile metal. You can explore various roofing materials below.

To complete your reroofing job we can also install a new drainage system complete with gutters and downspouts.

Roofing advice

How do I know if my roof is getting old?


Even you don't have a leak, here are few symptoms to look for to know that you might soon need roof job.

If you look in your gutter, and find a lot of little asphalt granules, that's a clear sign that your shingle roof is on a way out. The granules are falling out from your aging shingles.

If you see any curled shingles or buckled shingles, that's another sign of impeding roof trouble. If you see any cracks in the shingles, cracks in the tiles, or cracks in the rubber caulking around the vents, it's only the matter of time before the water gets on the inside.

If you have a metal roof and see rusting spots, your roof needs painting asap before the metal gets too thin.

What are the dangers of not promptly repairing my roof?

Fixing a damaged roof should be a priority task, as things can snowball pretty quickly. Here are a few things that might develop soon:

  • Attic damage
  • Ceiling and wall damage
  • Fire hazard - if water gets to your electrical system
  • Mold and mildew - both can be extremely hard to get rid of, and will quickly spread beyond the roof and the attic
  • Insulation damage - water damages cellulose and fiberglass insulation, leaving your house less than well insulated, and causing higher energy bills
  • Structural damage - wet unpainted wood will rot (rafters, trusses, wall frames)
  • Hurricane readiness - unfit roof will suffer more during a hurricane and will leave your house unprotected

We can quickly assess the health of your roof. Call us today.

Can my roof be repaired?

The answer is, of course, "it depends".

If the roof is pretty new, then of course, we'll just replace the missing pieces.

The age of the roof is a big factor though. Deteriorated shingles/tiles will continue developing new leaks after the last one is fixed.

A sheer number of existing layers of material (and their total weight) will dictate whether a roof can be repaired by layering another layer on top of the entire roof. This can be done only once, as the roof will just become too heavy otherwise.

Your budget is another important consideration. If finances allow it, it is better to splurge for a new roof and know that you will not have to worry about a leaky roof for at least a decade (and often much longer, depending on a material).

Re-roof or tear-off

This is the very first question that must be answered when dealing with a single roof. Doing a tear-off means that the roof will be stripped all the way down to sheathing.

But a more simple traditional reroof will leave the old shingles in place.

Almost every building code allows for two layers of shingles (and even three layers on steeper roofs).

We will always recommend against a complete tear off. The roof job will turn out much cheaper for you, there are way fewer moving parts, which means less risk for everyone involved. Most importantly - your property will not be exposed to the elements. If it starts to rain - we just take a break, and then resume. And most importantly, you will get the same warranty either way.

Now, a few things must be in order for us to recommend a reroof without a tear-off. But to know them, one of my guys needs to walk the roof and do a thorough inspection. If most of the shingles are badly curled, the permanent step flashing is badly deteriorated, or the deck feels soft and spongy wherever we step on it, the roof needs a tear-off.

How long will it take for a reroof job?

The answer depends on a number of factors (chiefly, whether we are doing a tear off or not). We'll be able to tell you after an inspection. You can schedule your roof inspection today.

How much will it cost to replace my roof?

The answer about the materials above can give you an idea. Let us come out for an inspection. We'll be able to size up your roof and give you an immediate rough estimate.

What should I look for when hiring a roofing contractor?

Installing a roof is a major undertaking. Make sure to do your due diligence when choosing your contractor.

Make sure that they are insured and licensed.

Ask about the warranty specific to the roofing material that you chose. There are two warranties to look for: labor warranty and material warranty.

Make sure that the building materials that you choose are in sufficient stock.

Do talk the timeline and check the weather. One Florida shower is all you need to soak a house without a roof.

Make sure that the area around the house will be protected, and that trash removal and clean up will be taken care of.

A rough estimate over the phone is ok. But make sure that your roofer comes out in person to inspect your site before giving you a project price.

Make sure that you are getting a quality waterproofing barrier for your roof with the installation.

Make sure that the roof will be reinforced with starter strip shingles/tiles is the first line of defense against a hurricane (if the first row of the roofing material peels, the whole roof goes).

It also goes without saying, but don't look for the lowest quote that you can find. Issues stemming from a poor job are never worth a bit of money saved.

Is a permit required before starting a roof job?

Yes. We'll pull all the required permits. Here are the sites for your reference: Broward; Miami-Dade. Some exceptions: roof painting, gutter installation, installation of soffit and fascia.

Homeowners insurance and fallen trees

Is there a coverage to remove a fallen tree?

Only if there is a damage to the house, or blockage of the driveway. In other cases. other types of insurance, such as Travelers Insurance, can help.

Will insurance help replace my tree?

Usually no. Not if the damage is caused by wind, water, or lightning.

What if my tree falls on my neighbor's house?

They will have to file a claim with their own insurance company.

How does the roof warranty work?

The job is done, the crew has cleaned up and left, and the newly installed roof is beautiful. Now that the job is complete, it is important to know what warranties apply to your new roof.

At Hollywood Elite Roofing, we stand behind our work. We pledge to give our customers a quality roof that is installed correctly and will perform as expected for the duration of its life. This does not mean that the roof may not need regular maintenance throughout its usable life. Just like a car needs a tune-up, oil change or inspection, your roof needs regular maintenance and upkeep to maximize its lifespan.

Once the job is complete, we will issue you a warranty package for the roof, which includes the material and workmanship warranties.

The workmanship warranty states that from the date of installation for a set number of years, (typically 10 years), there will not be any leaks caused by the original application errors of any approved roofing materials provided and installed by our company. We will repair, at no cost to the customer, any leaks which are deemed to be caused by our workmanship.

The warranty is limited to roof repairs only and does not cover any damages to the property that are caused by acts of God. This means that forces such as tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, lightning, earthquakes and the like that are outside of Hollywood Elite Roofing’s control are not covered.

Material failure is another issue that is not covered under the workmanship warranty, although it IS covered by the manufacturer’s warranty that is delivered within the closing package.

This is just an overview of how all the warranty pieces come together. Please speak to us for additional details.

What roofing materials are available to me and what's the difference?

The difference between the different materials comes down to this: the cost, the weight (can your structure support it?), durability (and, therefore warranty), slope of the roof, and of course, aesthetics.

Some options are also more eco-friendly than others, with asphalt shingles being least eco-friendly.

Keep in mind that certain city ordinances can lock you into using specific roofing materials for aesthetic reasons. In that case, all you can do is oblige.

Here's are the most common residential roofing materials available to you:

Clay tile

Pros: attractive; long lasting; low maintenance; variety of colors; non combustible.

Cons: heavy weight; some colors may fade; expensive; complex to install; may not walk on a roof due to fragility.

Slate tile

Pros: beautiful appearance; fireproof; very long lasting; low maintenance.

Cons: heavy weight; expensive.

Concrete tile

Pros: durable; low maintenance; relatively light-weight.

Cons: expensive.

Spanish tile

Pros: upscale look; lasting up to 70 years; non combustible; great insulator.

Cons: very expensive; very heavy.

Asphalt shingle

Pros: low cost; easy to install; variety of colors, suitable for most residential applications; easy to repair; fire resistant.

Cons: expensive.

Cedar wood shakes

Pros: natural look; great insulation; long lasting.

Cons: complicated to install; low durability; high maintenance.

Sheet metal

Pros: durable; fire retardant; low maintenance; low weight; variety of styles and colors (including faux tile look - see the image below); recyclable; can be installed over existing roofs.

Cons: high initial cost; may need periodic painting; difficult to install.


What's the most green eco-friendly roof material?

They are all pretty good except for asphalt shingles (require often replacement, non-biodegradable). Slate tile can last for centuries, and can be reused. Metal roof sheets can be recycled. Wood shingles are biodegradable.

What's the most energy efficient roofing material?

The winner would be the natural wood tiles, but proper insulation can help other materials keep up. Metal is naturally the worst (without the insulation).

What's the most luxurious/expensive roofing material?

That would be slate tile. This is essentially sheet rock. Hard to source, hard to install, requires extra an especially strong building. But your home will be your castle.

What's the cheapest roofing material?

That, no doubt, would be asphalt shingles. They might be cheap, but with a proper installation, you should have 10-15 years of worry free roof over your head.

Which roofing material has the best warranty?

Clay roofs come with unmatched 50+ year warranties.

Which roofing material requires minimal maintenance/repair?

Again, it would be clay tiles. In contrast, metal roofs require painting, wooden tiles require treatment, shingles simply peel after a while.

What's the best roofing material all around?

The consensus says clay tiles. The warranty and life expectancy is great, house insulation is great (the air circulates under each groove for a fantastic cooling off effect), they look great, variety of styles and colors are available, they are pretty light weight compared to concrete, they are fire proof, they do not rot, are environmentally friendly, and generally cannot be damaged by pests.

What roof material is the most compatible with solar panels?

Hands down, composite and asphalt shingles are the easiest to work with when it comes to installing a solar panel system. But with enough expertise (and additional expenses), solar panels can be installed on any kind of roof.

What's my roof made of?

Your roof is much more than the top layer that you usually see. Let's take a regular house roof for example.

Rafters and trusses create the frame of the roof.

Sheathing sheets support the weight of the roof.

Some sort of waterproof material goes on top on the sheathing.

Tiles, shingles, or metal sheets go on top.

Now to the little details. Flashing is a material that goes around anything that protrudes from the roof (think vents and chimneys). If dealing with a leak, this is the first place to check.

Fascia is the "face" of the roof at the point where roofing material ends. More than purely decorative, properly affixed fascia will protect your roof in a hurricane.

A soffit is an area outside the house underneath the roof. This area is the "lungs" of the roof.

A gutter is a channel that makes proper water drainage possible.

Visual anatomy of a roof
Visual anatomy of a roof

What to expect during a reroofing job?

As we mentioned previously, we will do our best to finish the job quickly, with quality, and with everyone's nerves still intact. With that said, a roofing job is a major construction project. The following of nuisances is not to scare, but to mentally prepare you for the work that lies ahead.

  • Consider the stress that the job might cause to your pets, children, elders, and neighbors. Take necessary preparations.
  • There will be large trucks - make sure to clear away as much area as possible.
  • If you have a preference for where we should store materials, tell us and we will try to accommodate you.
  • The job may last from one day to several weeks based on complexity of the project.
  • Rain gutters do not have to be removed, unless we are replacing them.
  • Tear off and reroofing can become loud.
  • Construction may cause vibration - keep your valuables safe (paintings, valuables on shelves).
  • Materials may fall from the roof - make sure to keep everyone safe.
  • You don't have to be at home when the work is performed, but you should be reachable by a phone.
  • Tear off might reveal additional damages, which might require a change order. Keep lines of communication open.
  • We will need access to your power outlets, and the circuit breakers.
  • Debris might fall into the attic area.
  • Vaulted ceiling may experience "nail pops". This is unfortunately unavoidable, and repairs are a responsibility of a home owner.
  • We will be very thorough with cleanup, but a rogue nail might escape. Do not walk barefoot. If you find a problem area after construction and cleanup are complete, call us back for another magnet sweep.
  • Shingles will settle down after the sun melts them a bit. Do not be alarmed if some shingles look odd at first.
  • Allow for delays due to inclement weather. Safety of our crew and your home are the top concerns.
  • You will receive an itemized invoice upon completion of the project, along with the warranty information.

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